Sunstroke (Heat Stroke)| Introduction| Symptom| Reason| Natural Remedy

By | October 14, 2018


When a person’s body gets warmer than its capacity, then this state is called sunstroke. Due to the presence of sunstroke, there is also a shortage of water in the patient’s body, which also causes many other diseases in his body. This disease can be treat with natural healing.

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  • Due to this (Sunstroke) disease the body of the person becomes hot and sluggish.
  • The patient feels that there is no power to work in his body.
  • Due to this disease, the patient’s eyes get heat too, due to which his water keeps coming out.

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  • This (Sunstroke) disease is caused by the person staying in the sun for long periods of time,
  • And due to excessive contact with air.

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Natural Remedy

  • The person suffering from this (Sunstroke) disease should first rest at a cold place.
  • The patient should lay the banana or rend leaves for sleeping and use it as a bed.
  • The patient suffering from this disease should stop eating food and instead add curd, lassi, whey, raw mango, gram greens and lemon juice and drink more water.
  • The patient’s body should be wipe with wet towels after a brief interval.
  • The patient suffering from this disease should be bath with cold water.
  • If sunstroke problem has become very serious, then the whole body of the patient should be wrapped in a sheet with cold water and give half an hour after the cold water should be given.
  • Wet clay can also be apply to the patient’s body.
  • The patient suffering from this disease should also have an abdominal bath.

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In this way, if the sufferer suffering from Sunstroke is treat with natural healing, then the disease of the patient person gets cure soon.

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