Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know | Facebook Tricks and Tips

By | November 2, 2018

 Facebook Tricks and Tips

In today’s world there are hardly some people, who do not use Facebook, and there will hardly be some people who do not know about it. Especially the younger generation does not walk without it. So, guys, today I’m going to tell you about some trick of Facebook.(Facebook Tricks )

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Schedule Your Facebook Messages

If you want to send a specific message to any friend at certain times, but you cannot use Facebook at that time then you can schedule your message. By which the message will go to your friend at the same time as you set its time. And this will help you in this App>  Sendible.(Facebook Tricks )

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How To See Some Favorite Photos On Facebook Profile Page

We all know that Facebook shows some photos on our profile page. But it is default already that means it chooses some of your photos and it keeps showing at it. Now if we want to show some of our favorite photos in that place, we can do this.

For this, you can go to your Facebook Profile Page and go to the right side above some of the photos you see there and now click on the option that looks like a pencil, here you will find some photo add and remove options. Here you can do this by adding your favorite photos.(Facebook Tricks )

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Download Any Facebook Photo Albums

If any of your friends or any page uploads a Facebook Photo Albums and you want to download that entire Facebook Photo Albums at once, Or you want to download your uploaded Facebook photo albums again. So you can do this with help  of – App> FacePAD

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How To Update Facebook Page Without Using Facebook

In doing so you can take help of this app (hellotxt and ping.fm).

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Make a Facebook Friend Without Updating Status

With Makeuseof  you can make friends on Facebook and no status will be updated about it.(Facebook Tricks )

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How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

In your Facebook account, go its Settings> Security Tab. Now click on the Edit and click on Deactivate your account again.

Your account will now be Deactivate and it will remain until you activate it again. (Facebook Tricks )

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