Complete History of Computer Generation | Computer History

By | October 20, 2018

We all know that computer is an integral part of our lives today. We all use computers to entertain ourselves in our daily lives, and with it we also use it to work from simple to important work.There is no doubt that computer is the greatest invention of human life, that made man’s daily life a lot easier. Now there is no such area where the computer has not entered. (Computer History )

The term computer is derived from the English word compute, which literally means calculating. So the computer was developed to do mathematical calculations.

Computer history is nearly 3000 years old when a calculation of Machine Abacus was invented in China; this is a mechanical device which still used to calculate the numbers in several Asian countries including China, Japan.

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Computer History

In 1822, Charles Babbage invented the first of its kind, Digital Computer, inspired by Pascaline, and introduced the Differential and Analytical Engine,  He envisioned an automated computer in 1937 that has the ability to compute artificial memory and programmatically.(Computer History )

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Do you want to know about computer history?

So read this post carefully till the last, I will tell you all about the history of computer in detail in this post. I will tell you all about the history of computer in Point to Point in this post, So that you can get as much information about it as possible.(Computer History )

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What do computers say in Hindi?

The computer’s Hindi name is “Swaganak”(‘संगणक’), Because it is able to calculate everything.

The term computer code originated from the word ‘compute’ of the English language, which means calculating. That is, it means that the computer has been developed to solve mathematical calculations.Computer History 

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Who is father of  computer?

The person who created the computer for the first time is – Charles Babbage. So they are called the father of computer. Charles Babbage was a mathematical professor who first created a computer.

History Of Computer

In the 19th century, a mathematics professor ‘Charles Babbage’ introduced everyone with the computer term. He has composed an Analytical Engine on the basis of which today’s computers are also working.Computer History 

Generally, the computer can be classified into four generations. Every generation lasted for a certain time and our computers were developed along with generations, and we started getting better computers.Computer History 

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I am telling you all in detail about each generation below

First Generation Of Computer

Based On : Vacuum Tubes
Year : 1940-1956

Vacuum Tube was used to control and transmit electronic signals in this generation computer. First of all, the computer’s dream was realized by this, so much more computers are built.

The size of vacuum tube used in this generation was quite large due to which it occupied a considerable space. Together they used to produce a lot of heat while using them.Computer History 

The possibility of broken feet and malfunction were very high and the ability to calculate it was also very low.

This generation has built-in computer electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer), UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer) and so on.

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Second Generation Of Computer

Based On : Transistor (Computer History )

Year: 1956-1963

The transistor was invented in the second generation of computers and it was now used in computers. These transistors were more capable than vacuum tube and their size was also small compared to them. Its capacity was high and now the computer used to work faster. Now the computer started to become smaller than the first generation and started working fast.

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Third Generation Of Computer

Based On : Integrated Circuit(Computer History )
Year : 1963-1971

Integrated circuits to used in this generation’s computer, which was much smaller than the transistor. The capacity of this generation computer was greatly increased, and now many computers could be use simultaneously. In the meantime, a small integrated circuit made of silicon chip was used. So its size was now much smaller. Now these generations of computers was starting at home level. The speed of this generation was from microseconds to nanoseconds, with the main reason being the use of integrated circuits.

 Fourth Generation Of Computer

Based On : Microprocessor(Computer History )
Year : 1971- Till date

Today we all mostly use this generation computer; it also includes a laptop, which we run in the lap. Using the microprocessor in this generation, its size has become quite small. Which we can carry with us anywhere.(Computer History )
With the help of VSLI in this type of computer, thousands of transistors are combine together and its speed will be faster. The use of this generation computer itself is now being use as a personal computer too. This generation is consider to be the biggest revolution in the field of computer.

Fifth Generation Of Computer

Based On : Artificial Intelligence(Computer History )
Year : Future

The next generation of computers that are currently working and some of the success has been achieved is Computer based on Artificial Intelligence. This type of computer will be able to do all the work by itself.(Computer History )
This kind of computer we can see in robots, and different types of machines, which will be able to do more work than human.

(Computer History )

So friends, this was the history of Computer

That’s all for this article!

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