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Make Coconut Ladoo in 10 Minutes | Soft and juicy coconut laddu Recipe

Friend today, I will tell you about the recipe of coconut’s Soft and Juicy Ladoo. Coconut ladoo is very popular; it is very yummy and tasty. And maybe, I have got a lot of request for its recipes. Many of our readers have said that their ladoo’s are not white and hard enough.( Coconut ladoo… Read More »

Potato jalebi | Homemade yummy and tasty Sweet “Aloo Jalebi” Recipe

Incandescent Jalebi is favorite on any special occasion be it a birthday, wedding or festival. Although jalebi are mostly eaten like as it is, but you can also be soaked in warm milk. They are consumed in especially in north India. And also my favorite to. This sweets are served warm or cold. It has a somewhat… Read More »