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Fresh Watermelon Treat | How to make watermelon Drinks |Homemade recipe.

Fresh Watermelon Treat Watermelon Drinks Home Made Recipe #3     Quickly whip up this easy  fresh watermelon treat/ sorbet in under 5 minutes. Perfect for summer, this sweet, refreshing treat is actually healthy, paleo, and vegan.   With the heat of summer come my cravings for something icy and cold. In the summer, I crave… Read More »

Summer special drinks | Masala Lassi with Pudina | Homemade Recipe .

Masala Lassi with Pudina  Masala lassi with pudina Home Made Recipe #4   This yogurt smoothie is a very popular drink in the Northern part of India, especially Punjab that you need to know necessarily. There are sweet and salty versions of this Indian drinks.     Cooking Time: 15 minutes    ⇰ INGREDIENTS 1… Read More »

How to make Mango Mocktai | Homemade Mango Mocktail Recipe.

Mango Mocktail Recipe Mango Mocktail Recipe Homemade recipe #1   Hello! Friends how are you today? Hope fine! We are also fit and fine. There is something about the change of weather which seems to give us more energy.   As the days are growing longer and the weather warmer our family is outside more… Read More »

Summer and Ramadan spacial Dry Fruit Milkshake Recipe,For instant energy

Dry Fruit Milkshake Recipe Milkshake Recipe Homemade Recipe #2 Dry fruit milkshake is a healthy beverage as well a great energy supplement for anyone who need instant energy . Best healthy and testy energy drink for this Summer season . Serves: 2-3 Cooking Time: 15-20 minutes   INGREDIENTS Milkshake Recipe ➤1/4 cup Almonds ➤1/4 cup Cashew… Read More »